The staff of Cole Pro Media are world-class transparency engagement advisors and social media experts. We are the only company in the nation that specializes in social media for law enforcement and municipalities (including cities, counties, and unincorporated regions).

We understand the challenges facing public agencies and take great pride in our ability to communicate transparent, easily understood, messages about our clients – WITHOUT SPIN.

We focus on connecting the community with government entities by creating messages that resonate with the public and help manage problems when they arise.

We believe that integrity, clarity and timeliness are the hallmarks of any strong communications plan – and that is precisely what we bring to our clients.

image of Laura Cole - Owner of Cole Pro Media

President and Founder, Lead Transparency Engagement Advisor

Laura Cole is the President and Founder of Cole Pro Media, a Transparency Engagement Advising firm credited with taking a “revolutionary approach” to helping law enforcement agencies and city governments navigate crisis communications and social media management with a strong focus on transparency. Cole’s exemplary communications work with Police Departments and Sheriff’s Offices across the West Coast is considered to play a key role in reshaping the narrative surrounding law enforcement in America. As a respected former TV news reporter who has worked at every level of the industry and served as a White House Correspondent, Cole is passionate about teaching agencies how to tell their own stories through social media, and in turn build their following online. This approach allows for direct communication between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve in a time of crisis. With a “no spin” policy, Cole places a strict emphasis on transparency. Cole Pro Media is the media consulting firm for the California State Sheriffs’ Association. As a sought-after public speaker, Cole has shared her Crisis Communications philosophy at several events for the California Police Chiefs’ Association. She’s recognized for leading the exemplary communications efforts of the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office during the 2017 deadly Sonoma Fires. With commitment and dedication to strengthening the relationship between law enforcement and the community, Cole continues to lead the charge in steering agencies in the direction of best communication practices.

Image of Ken Pritchett - Media Consultant at Cole Pro Media

Ken Pritchett, Transparency Engagement Advisor

Ken Pritchett is a transparency advisor for Cole Pro Media with 20 years’ experience in television news working as both anchor and reporter. While focused on state and national politics, Ken covered a variety of stories including crime, wildfires, and local community news. He capped his career at the top station in San Francisco where he won an Emmy, multiple AP awards, and the prestigious Peabody award.

Since leaving TV news, Ken has shared his media experience and storytelling ability with Fortune 500 companies and major nonprofits. Now, his focus has been on helping law enforcement with crisis communications and delivering their own message on social media.


Stefanie Cruz, Transparency Engagement Advisor

Stefanie brings 20 years of news and communications experience to Cole Pro Media. As a news anchor and reporter, Stefanie has covered stories from all over the country and internationally. In the days following 9/11, she reported from Ground Zero and she has also reported on immigration, NAFTA and environmental issues from south of the border. Stefanie’s work has earned her several Emmy nominations. She also serves as a board member for the Sacramento domestic violence shelter My Sister’s House.


Sandra Soriano, Transparency Engagement Advisor

Sandra is a transparency advisor who brings more than a decade of experience working as a diplomat with the U.S. Department of State, serving in Washington D.C., Iraq, Italy, Mexico, and Sri Lanka. She is no stranger to dealing with crisis management and communication strategy. While living on the U.S.-Mexico border, Sandra worked for the International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL) branch as an Outreach Coordinator, working directly with Mexican media and criminal justice entities to spread community awareness about the Merida Initiative goals and objectives. Sandra’s contributions strengthened the relationship between Mexican civil society and the law enforcement community, despite being in an environment where cartels maintain a stranglehold on all aspects of life. Sandra’s passion for transparent communication, an in-depth understanding of law enforcement and her experience shaping and focusing social media engagement makes her an
integral part of our team.

Sandra received her undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice from the Florida International University and a graduate degree in International Affairs from Virginia Tech. She is also the recipient of several awards while working for the State Department.


Cole Pro Media is there in a time of crisis. The insight and experience the advisors of the company bring to the table, help us provide transparency to the public and show us how to work effectively with the media to get our message out to the community.
Sheriff Jim Hart, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office