The staff of Cole Pro Media are world-class transparency engagement advisors and social media experts. We are the only company in the nation that specializes in social media for law enforcement and municipalities (including cities, counties, and unincorporated regions).

We understand the challenges facing public agencies and take great pride in our ability to communicate transparent, easily understood, messages about our clients – WITHOUT SPIN.

We focus on connecting the community with government entities by creating messages that resonate with the public and help manage problems when they arise.

We believe that integrity, clarity and timeliness are the hallmarks of any strong communications plan – and that is precisely what we bring to our clients.

President and Founder, Lead Transparency Engagement Advisor

Laura Cole is the President and Founder of Cole Pro Media. The Transparency Engagement Advising firm takes an innovative approach to helping numerous district attorneys and law enforcement organizations build trust and legitimacy with the communities they serve. As a former accomplished news reporter on both a local and national level, including serving as a White House Correspondent, Cole is passionate about teaching agencies the best practices for engaging with the public. With a “no spin” policy, Cole places a strict emphasis on transparency. She specializes in releasing body-cam footage with context that focuses on open and honest communication.

Cole Pro Media is the Transparency Engagement Advising firm for the California State Sheriffs’ Association and the California District Attorneys Association. As a sought-after speaker, Cole has shared her Crisis Communications philosophy at several events including for the California Police Chiefs Association, International Association of Chiefs of Police, and the Major Cities Chiefs Association. With commitment and dedication to strengthening the relationship between district attorneys, law enforcement and the community, Cole continues to lead the charge in steering agencies in the direction of best communication practices.


Ramona Russell, Transparency Engagement Advisor

Ramona Russell is a transparency engagement advisor focused on helping agencies succeed in engaging with the public in an open and honest way. She is also a published writer with a background in advertising, event planning, fundraising, project management and speech writing.

Ramona has helped people get major attention and publicity for their businesses, books, charitable organizations and advocacy work. She, as well as her clients, have appeared in multiple national news outlets, podcasts, TV and radio shows. Ramona is passionate about government and community relations, mental health and anything to do with animals and children.


Rosie Hinton, Executive Assistant

Rosie Hinton is the Executive Assistant for Cole Pro Media. Rosie has a diverse background in client billing, project management, and marketing. She approaches all aspects of any job with a positive, hard-working mindset, and is passionate about helping find solutions to any challenges.  She brings with her an extensive background in customer service from retail, volunteering, and corporate environments.  She is excited to bring these experiences and enthusiasm to the team at Cole Pro Media and to our clients.