With extensive experience as on-camera journalists and crisis communication specialists, we offer a variety of transparency engagement services that can be catered to the specific needs of your office, budget and overall situation.


You are the experts of the information that comes out of your office – that’s why we don’t create content for you. Our job is to help you communicate your news and updates in as clear and appropriate terms as possible while adhering to the written and unwritten rules of social media. Our services include:

  • Helping your department phrase your important information and updates in a clear and concise manner.
  • Consulting on posting schedule and frequency (in terms of time of day, updates on developing situations, etc.)
  • Planning a long-term social calendar so that your content never grows stale.


The most critical aspect of having an active, engaged social presence is ensuring that your platforms are consistent sources of timely, relevant news and information. Cole Pro Media can train your staff to assemble stories in a simple, convenient, online-appropriate way. Trainings can include:

  • Social post construction and formatting.
  • Crisis communications, mainly how to address sensitive subjects with grace and transparency.
  • Proper techniques to work effectively with reporters and the best practices during a crisis situation.


We take great pride in our ability to help clients communicate effectively and quickly during even the most trying of circumstances.

As law enforcement or a civic department, your day-to-day activities are likely to involve high profile individuals, public entities, the loss of property, injury, and even life and death. While we never advocate spin in any form, we are huge proponents of putting the information out in a timely fashion, that is most clear and beneficial to everyone involved including victims, suspects, the community at large, and your department.

We understand that what is ordinary for law enforcement may have enormous impact on individuals, families and communities – this nuanced understanding must be reflected in online communications, with a strong emphasis on transparency. We also understand what reporters and news agencies are looking for when covering stories of public interest. Working with Cole Pro Media provides you with a transparency engagement advisor who can help you navigate the most sensitive of subjects so that the facts are heard.