Long gone are the days of the daily newspaper and nightly news – the 24-hour news cycle is here to stay and two-thirds of adults have access to that news right in their pocket. Today anyone can build a news center and report the story through social media – ensure that your news is told in an accurate, direct way with language that builds trust and transparency.

2.23 billion people log on to Facebook every month and 66% of monthly Facebook users visit the site daily.


Cities, counties & municipalities have very specific needs when it comes to a social media consultant. We help cities communicate with their residents on a daily basis and ensure that your community knows exactly how their hard-earned tax dollars are being spent. Social media is the best, clearest way that cities can communicate their services and opportunities to their residents.



  • Crisis communications, without spin, that provide your residents with exactly what they need
  • City sponsored events for youth, families and residents of all ages
  • Educational events and field trips to city destinations
  • Recreational spotlights such as summer camps, adult classes and sports leagues
  • Celebrations of hometown heroes
  • Announcements of new businesses and grand re-openings


Cole Pro Media is there in a time of crisis. The insight and experience the consultants of the company bring to the table, help us provide transparency to the public and show us how to work effectively with the media to get our message out to the community.
Sheriff Jim Hart, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office